John Bearman

Senior Adviser

Telephone: +44 20 7079 1000

John is a multi asset expert with 30 years of asset management experience primarily focused on large complicated funds.

Most recently John was Head of Investment at the BP PLC UK defined benefit fund with assets totalling over £23bn invested across a wide range of growth and liability asset classes. Whilst there, John helped to set up the Liability Matching strategy as well as build the growth portfolio into a more diversified multi asset portfolio. He was responsible for a 40 strong investment and operation team that managed money both in house and overseeing the external managers used. He also chaired the Management Committee, Risk and Control Committee and the Asset Allocation Committee. He also sat on the BPIM board and regularly presented to the BP Pension Fund Trustee Board. Whilst at BP he was also a member of the US scheme’s Investment Committee

Currently he also chairs the Investment Committee for Downing Monthly Income Fund as well as providing business and process development advice to the investment team. He also works as an investment advisor to a mutual insurance company.

Prior to BP John was the UK Chief Investment Officer for Santander Asset Management leading the investment team managing a wide range of multi asset risk adjusted portfolios for the bank’s clients as well as for a range of institutional clients. John has also worked at Insight Investment, Prudential Portfolio Managers and RSA.



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